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Name e-collector
Cover http://www.thatrobotsite.com/agents/ecollector.htm
Details http://www.thatrobotsite.com/agents/ecollector.htm
Status Active
Description e-collector in the simplist terms is a e-mail address collector, thus the name e-collector. So what? Have you ever wanted to have the email addresses of as many companys that sell or supply for example "dried fruit", i personnaly don't but this is just an example. Those of you who may use this type of robot will know exactly what you can do with information, first don't spam with it, for those still not sure what this type of robot will do for you then take this for example: Your a international distributer of "dried fruit" and you boss has told you if you rise sales by 10% then he will bye you a new car (Wish i had a boss like that), well anyway there are thousands of shops distributers ect, that you could be doing business with but you don't know who they are?, because there in other countries or the nearest town but have never heard about them before. Has the penny droped yet, no well now you have the opertunity to find out who they are with an internet address and a person to contact in that company just by downloading and running e-collector. Plus it's free, you don't have to do any leg work just run the program and sit back and watch your potential customers arriving.
Purpose email collector
Type Collector of email addresses
Platform Windows 9*/NT/2000
Language Perl5
Availability Binary
Owner Name Dean Smart
Owner URL http://www.thatrobotsite.com
Owner Email smarty@thatrobotsite.com
Exclusion No
Exclusion User-Agent ecollector
Host *
From No
UserAgent LWP::
History -
Environment Service
ID e-collector
Modified Date Weekly
Modified By Dean Smart


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