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Name FetchRover
Cover http://www.engsoftware.com/fetch.htm
Details http://www.engsoftware.com/spiders/
Status active
Description FetchRover fetches Web Pages. It is an automated page-fetching engine. FetchRover can be used stand-alone or as the front-end to a full-featured Spider. Its database can use any ODBC compliant database server, including Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sybase SQL Server, FoxPro, etc.
Purpose maintenance, statistics
Type standalone
Platform Windows/NT, Windows/95, Solaris SPARC
Language C++
Availability binary, source
Owner Name Dr. Kenneth R. Wadland
Owner URL http://www.engsoftware.com/
Owner Email ken@engsoftware.com
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent ESI
Host *
From yes
UserAgent ESIRover v1.0
History Used as the front-end to SmartSpider (another Spider product sold by Engineeering Software, Inc.)
Environment commercial, service
ID fetchrover
Modified Date Thu, 03 Apr 1997 21:49:50 EST
Modified By Ken Wadland


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