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Поисковые роботы, база данных.


Name Fouineur
Cover http://fouineur.9bit.qc.ca/
Details http://fouineur.9bit.qc.ca/informations.html
Status development
Description This robot build automaticaly a database that is used by our own search engine. This robot auto-detect the language (french, english & spanish) used in the HTML page. Each database record generated by this robot include: date, url, title, total words, title, size and de-htmlized text. Also support server-side and client-side IMAGEMAP.
Purpose indexing, statistics
Type standalone
Platform unix, windows
Language perl5
Availability none
Owner Name Joel Vandal
Owner URL http://www.9bit.qc.ca/~jvandal/
Owner Email jvandal@9bit.qc.ca
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent fouineur
Host *
From yes
UserAgent Mozilla/2.0 (compatible fouineur v2.0; fouineur.9bit.qc.ca)
History No robots does all thing that we need for our usage.
Environment service
ID fouineur
Modified Date Thu, 9 Jan 1997 22:57:28 EST
Modified By jvandal@9bit.qc.ca


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