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Name GetURL
Cover http://Snark.apana.org.au/James/GetURL/
Description Its purpose is to validate links, perform mirroring, and copy document trees. Designed as a tool for retrieving web pages in batch mode without the encumbrance of a browser. Can be used to describe a set of pages to fetch, and to maintain an archive or mirror. Is not run by a central site and accessed by clients - is run by the end user or archive maintainer
Purpose maintenance, mirroring
Type standalone
Language ARexx (Amiga REXX)
Owner Name James Burton
Owner URL http://Snark.apana.org.au/James/
Owner Email James@Snark.apana.org.au
Exclusion no
Exclusion User-Agent
Host *
From no
UserAgent GetURL.rexx v1.05
ID geturl
Modified Date Tue May 9 15:13:12 1995
Modified By


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