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Name JCrawler
Cover http://www.nihongo.org/jcrawler/
Status active
Description JCrawler is currently used to build the Vietnam topic specific WWW index for VietGATE <URL:http://www.vietgate.net/>. It schedules visits randomly, but will not visit a site more than once every two minutes. It uses a subject matter relevance pruning algorithm to determine what pages to crawl and index and will not generally index pages with no Vietnam related content. Uses Unicode internally, and detects and converts several different Vietnamese character encodings.
Purpose indexing
Type standalone
Platform unix
Language perl5
Availability none
Owner Name Benjamin Franz
Owner URL http://www.nihongo.org/snowhare/
Owner Email snowhare@netimages.com
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent jcrawler
Host db.netimages.com
From yes
UserAgent JCrawler/0.2
Environment service
ID jcrawler
Modified Date Wed, 08 Oct 1997 00:09:52 GMT
Modified By Benjamin Franz


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