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NetCarta WebMap Engine

Name NetCarta WebMap Engine
Cover http://www.netcarta.com/
Description The NetCarta WebMap Engine is a general purpose, commercial spider. Packaged with a full GUI in the CyberPilo Pro product, it acts as a personal spider to work with a browser to facilitiate context-based navigation. The WebMapper product uses the robot to manage a site (site copy, site diff, and extensive link management facilities). All versions can create publishable NetCarta WebMaps, which capture the crawled information. If the robot sees a published map, it will return the published map rather than continuing its crawl. Since this is a personal spider, it will be launched from multiple domains. This robot tends to focus on a particular site. No instance of the robot should have more than one outstanding request out to any given site at a time. The User-agent field contains a coded ID identifying the instance of the spider; specific users can be blocked via robots.txt using this ID.
Purpose indexing, maintenance, mirroring, statistics
Type standalone
Language C++.
Owner Name NetCarta WebMap Engine
Owner URL http://www.netcarta.com/
Owner Email info@netcarta.com
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent
From yes
UserAgent NetCarta CyberPilot Pro
ID netcarta
Modified Date Sun Feb 18 02:02:49 1996.
Modified By


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