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Поисковые роботы, база данных.


Name Solbot
Cover http://kvasir.sol.no/
Status active
Description Builds data for the Kvasir search service. Only searches sites which ends with one of the following domains: "no", "se", "dk", "is", "fi"
Purpose indexing
Type standalone
Platform unix
Language perl, c
Availability none
Owner Name Frank Tore Johansen
Owner URL
Owner Email ftj@sys.sol.no
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent solbot
Host robot*.sol.no
UserAgent Solbot/1.0 LWP/5.07
History This robot is the result of a 3 years old late night hack when the Verity robot (of that time) was unable to index sites with iso8859 characters (in URL and other places), and we just _had_ to have something up and going the next day...
Environment service
ID solbot
Modified Date Tue Apr 7 16:25:05 MET DST 1998
Modified By Frank Tore Johansen <ftj@sys.sol.no>


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